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Detailed Description:

  LiNbO3(LN) crystal, a kind of transparent crystal, with many kinds of effects like electro-optic, acousto-optic, photoelastic nonlinear and photorefractive effect, are most fundamental and important function materials in optoelectronic industry and are known as “Optical silicon”. With the development of science technology, LN series crystals are widely used in laser communication, optical information processing, optic integrated circuit substrates, image storage, laser frequency doubling and self frequency doubling as well as optical parametric oscillation.

  Application: surface acoustic wave filter, isolator, narrow-band filter, sensor, the photon tunable filter, acousto-optic device, Optical gyroscope, optical waveguide, photoswitch, light modulation direction coupler, Optical modulator, Interferometer gyrator, High-speed long-distance communication devices and double-frequency device.

  Characteristics of optical grade LiNbO3 crystal:

  1、crystal structure: trigonal system

  2、space groups:C36(R3C)

  3、melting point: 1260℃

  4、Moh's hardness:~4.8


  6、coefficient of thermal expansion: 16.7(∥a) 2(∥a)

  7、Optical transparency range:370~5000nm

  8、refractive index:(633nm)n0=2.286   ne=2.200

  9、refractive index gradient:(633nm)≤5×10-5

  10、light transmission:(633nm)≥68%



  Innovation point: Through the growth equipment modification,we create simulation of crystal growth system and can design crystal shape. The computer chip control the changing of crystal shape according to crystal growth status, through the processing of precision sensor signals. We self-design a set of graded composite temperature structure. With the help of it, the temperature gradient in crystals, melt and the solid liquid interface reach the good state for optical crystal growth.

Optical grade lithium niobate crystal bar

LN Q switch

LN wafer

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